David's interest in woodworking started with his father - David learned how to use a lathe in his father's workshop and became enamored with making wooden object. David attended Northern Michigan University and received partial scholarship for the Sculpture and Woodworking department.  David went on to apprentice for a woodworker in Madison, WI making studio furniture and custom furniture.  David started his own shop in 1977 and was discovered at high end art fairs and museum shops. During the same year, David received an award for "Best New Exhibitor"!  

David's wood shop is now located in Long Island City, NY with a talented team to help bring your vision to life. Contact us today!

"Furniture is about materials, and the human that is going to use it.  This means something to me.  The sense of touch is central to furniture, and wood is very touchable. "

- David Flatt